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Head office

S&A Joint Stock Company

4 Św. Piotra St., 81-347 Gdynia, Poland
Telephone/fax: +48 58 664 60 00
Fax: +48 58 664 71 03
E-mail: asystent@s-a.pl

NIP: 586-211-61-86
Regon: 192993503
KRS: 0000351730
The Gdańsk-Północ Court of Law, VIII Commercial Division of the National Judicial Register, the amount of the company share capital: PLN 168.541,40

Management Board
Adam Pstrągowski
E-mail: zarzad@s-a.pl

Managing Director
Dominika Czechowska-Mrozińska
E-mail: dczechowska@s-a.pl

Sales Department
E-mail: s@s-a.pl


Jolanta Kiersnowska: s@s-a.pl
Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Scandinavia, Macedonia, Belgium, Holland, Greece, Switzerland


Joanna Gęsiarz: jgesiarz@s-a.pl
USA, China, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic Republics, Romania, Belarus, Georgia, Kazachstan


Grażyna Rukść: gruksc@s-a.pl



Sales Representatives

Anna i Piotr Sagan: +48 695 990 062
E-mail: piotrsagan@interia.pl

Ireneusz Niczyj: +48 695 990 063

E-mail: ireneuszniczyj@poczta.onet.pl

Dominik Jankowski: +48 695 990 098
E-mail: dominik711@wp.pl

S&A Galleries



S&A Gallery
ul. Mariacka 36, 80-833 Gdańsk
Karolina Jasińska: +48 58 305 22 80

S&A Amber Manufacture/Amber Museum
Zespół Przedbramia ulicy Długiej, Gdańsk
E-mail: manufaktura.bursztynu@s-a.pl
Tel.: +48 695 990 084


S&A jewellery design

Terminal 2, Gdansk Airport

Tel.: +48 695 990 079


S&A jewellery design

Passenger Terminal

Airport Wroclaw

Tel.: +48 695 990 097

E-mail: wroclaw@s-a.pl


S&A Gallery Gdynia Hotel
Ul. Armii Krajowej 22, Gdynia
Tel.: +48 695 990 075


Hotel Hotton

Świetego Piotra str 8, Gdynia


Galeria S&A i Manufaktura Bursztynu

The Malbork Castle Museum

ul. Starościńska 1

Tel.: +48 695 990 061


S&A Amber Jewellery
Ul. Sienna 1, Kraków
Tel.: +48 12 421 02 14
S&A Port Lotniczy Kraków-Balice
Ul. Kpt. M. Medweckiego 1, Kraków-Balice
Tel.: +48 604 19 94 06



Czech Republic

Karmelitska 30 Prague



Malostranske Nam. 3 Prague



Latran 20 Czeski Krumlov



Torna iela 4, II-c, 202 Riga



Tirgonu iela 17 Riga



Aldaru iela 12/4, Riga


Terms & conditions
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Thank you for ordering at S&A, please find below some useful information.


a) minimum quantities for silver jewellery:

  •     20 pcs/prs for items up to 5g
  •     10 pcs/prs for items between 5 to 15g
  •     5 pcs/prs for items up over 15g
  •     5 pcs/prs per colour

b) minimum quantities for gold jewellery (available in 9, 14 and 18 carat gold)

  •     5 pcs/prs per item
  •     full prepayment for gold value is required before production launch

c) minimum value of single order – 2500 €.


  •     5-8 weeks depending on the ordered quantity, stone kind and size
  •     order confirmation will be sent within 72 hours upon receiving.


  •     50% order prepayment guarantees fixed prices of items irrespective of raw  material price change
  •     100% payment before shipment
  •     cost of freight not included in the prices (EXW).


  •     gold and rhodium plating of silver items 0,25 € per gram
  •     silver polishing and repair - 0,10€ per gram
  •     free stamping of all ordered items with customer’s stamp if delivered.


How to order
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Step by step instruction:


1.      In order to place an order, please click  on Collections box

2.      Search for the collection that interests you and click on it

3.      Choose the required set and press Cart button

4.      In the appeared box write down the quantities of the chosen item in desired colours. If required, write down additional remarks (e.g. the size of the ring) in Remarks box

5.      Close the page by clicking “X

6.      To continue shopping, click Collections once again and follow the same steps

7.      Finally, to submit the order go to Current order, where you’ll find your complete order and click Refresh and secondly click Close editing and send your order on the right bottom of the page

8.      You’ll receive your order number

9.      As the last step please click Submit

10. If everything is done correctly, you should receive the order confirmation onto your e-mail address immediately.

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